A New PROTEK Emerges, President and CEO Keith Chval Reveals Details at 2021 Corporate Annual Meeting

October 13, 2021

Protek's Executive Team

A New ESI and Cyber-Focused PROTEK Launches 2021 PROTEK Annual Corporate Meeting Highlights

WILLOWBROOK, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- October 13, 2021

Protek International, Incorporated (Protek) held its Annual Meeting September 16-17, 2021 at its headquarters facility in Willowbrook, Illinois. Chaired by President and CEO, Keith Chval, the meeting served as something of a launch event of the “new” ESI and Cyber-only focused Protek that has taken shape since Chval was named President and CEO in April of 2020. (www.protekintl.com)

Chval kicked off the meeting with an opening session recounting the formidable list of transformative initiatives that he and Protek’s leadership identified and executed since the April 2020 corporate transition to include:

ADVANCED MATTER SCOPING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Focusing on client service and satisfaction, an on-line, automated matter survey/intake process has been developed and a new project management tool and process put into production.

FORENSIC/eDISCOVERY/IT TECHNOLOGIES RE-VAMP. Beyond the regular and on-going evaluations and maintenance, an exhaustive survey and evaluation of industry forensic and eDiscovery tools to arrive at a standardized toolset and workflow to deliver highest-level and consistent work product, as well as significant investment in infrastructure to further enhance already robust client matter horsepower and capabilities.

CORPORATE RE-REBRANDING & NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH. To modernize Protek’s branding and reflect its strategic move to an ESI and cyber-only focus, and the related re-alignment of services and activities.

EDGE ESI & CYBER INSTITUTE FOUNDED. Formed to facilitate practitioners’ leveraging Protek’s ESI and cyber expertise in confidently and aggressively pursuing their clients’ best interests through CLEs, electronic alerts, and the Insightful Edge blog.(www.protekintl.com/edge-institute.)

NATIONAL “TOP TEN” DIGITAL FORENSICS FIRM by Enterprise Security Magazine.

CLIENT RELATIONS & DEVELOPMENT GROUP ESTABLISHED. Reflecting Protek’s understanding that its success is defined by the level of satisfaction that it delivers to its clients.

THE PROTEK FOUNDATION. Created to provide an additional sense of purpose to Protek’s work and more forcefully join in the fight against child sex trafficking, starting with Protek’s partnership with Reclaim 13 (www.reclaim13.org).

The Annual Meeting was highlighted by remarks from distinguished guest speakers Dr. Cassandra Ma, Executive Director of Protek Foundation-supported Reclaim 13, and Brandon Walsh, Managing Director of Westgate Financial Group.

WALSH/WESTGATE. Walsh, a veteran of the Investment Banking field distinguished by a focus on counseling corporations in building value as well as himself executing more than 100 transactions representing billions in dollars, delivered his analysis of current M&A trends, particularly in the cyber realm. He also shared insights gleaned from counseling to multitudes of companies on the factors key to Protek seizing on the opportunities that he sees it positioned for after the last year’s transformative activities.

Dr. MA/RECLAIM 13. Dr. Ma returned from her guest appearance at last year’s meeting to recount Reclaim 13 events of the past year, to include the impacts of the pandemic on its services and activities. Protek and its professionals have been active in supporting Reclaim 13 through financial donations, cyber consulting, and serving as a liaison to the law enforcement community.

President Chval closed 2021’s Annual Meeting with a presentation of his strategic vision and projections for Protek for the next 12 months. Advancing the momentum building since the 2020 corporate transition, Chval announced several new service offerings and initiatives that will propel Protek over the next year, including:

QUICKTAKE™ FLAT RATE EXAM PROGRAM. An innovative service offering to improve client experience by injecting cost certainty and ease-of-management into the initiation and execution of forensic examination engagements.

RAPID ASSESSMENT REPORT™. A forensic examination reporting system that leverages Protek-proprietary software to deliver end-user friendly reports that summarize and highlight key examination data points for expedited client assessment.

MARKET PENETRATION & EXPANSION. In addition to pursuing deeper penetration within and across existing geographic markets and sectors, Protek is also expanding its physical footprint through strategic and measured expansion into geographic areas based upon organic opportunities and requests from clients.

R&D & QUALITY CONTROL. With coming personnel additions to include within Protek’s core leadership team, specializations and realignments of responsibilities will result in establishing dedicated R&D and Quality Control operations to ensure clients benefit from best practices-plus and consistently excellent work product and service.

FORMATION of ADVISORY BOARD. Protek’s newly constituted Advisory Board will convene at least quarterly beginning 4Q21 to provide guidance and accountability.

EXCELLENCE IN CLIENT SERVICE. The Client Relations and Development Group formed in 2020 will continue to relentlessly pursue excellence in the client experience, including through implementing an automated post-matter survey to identify innovative opportunities to improve and provide metrics on client satisfaction.

ELEVATING THE FIGHT AGAINST CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING. In addition to growing its support of Reclaim 13, Protek will, through the Protek Foundation and the personal efforts of the Protek team, open new fronts in its fight against child sex trafficking as Protek expands its geographic footprint.

Chval closed the 2021 Annual Meeting by returning to the fundamentals upon which Protek’s success is measured: Excellence in Client Services, Passion and Quality of Life as an intrinsic by-product of Protek employment, and Service and Contribution to a purpose greater than self and Protek, and reaffirming Protek’s determination to achieve success in each by pursuing them guided by Protek’s Honest. Simple. Smart. touchstones.

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